NGO Convener

Godspower, whose real name is Ojo Ezekiel Oluwole, was born on the 10th of February, 1990. His roots can be traced to the southwestern part of the country, Modakeke, in Osun State to be precise.
Oluwole has enjoyed the privilege of being raised by godly parents who occupy leadership positions in Christ Apostolic Church, No 8, Alekuwodo, Osogbo where he was born.

This young enthusiast of the WORD cut his teeth professionally at the University of Abuja where he studied B.Sc Geography & Environmental Management.
While at the University, he was a committed member of National Association of Osun State Students’ (NAOSS), UniAbuja Chapter where he was elected as the Provost in his second year and then as the Vice President in his final year.

Godspower Oluwole who has his Masters degree in view, obtained an Executive Master’s Certificate in Project Management and Proficiency in Microsoft Project 2010, both with Pneuma Project Experts in the year 2016.

More so, this young speaker was not only a member of Christ Apostolic Campus Youth Fellowship (CACYOF) UniAbuja chapter but also, in his early days on campus, joined the Organizing and Choiristers unit. His commitment in the organizing unit caused people within CACYOF to tag him as the ‘organizing’, which later led to him being chosen as the organizing secretary of the fellowship.
When he was in CACYOF UniAbuja Chapter, opportunities were often given to him to motivate people by sharing with them his God given gifts through inspired write ups & songs.

Not long after his graduation, he was appointed to be amongst the present set of executives of Jesus Covenant Revolutional Ministry Youth Wing, Osogbo, Osun State, as the organizing & transport coordinator. At this place of worship, due to his God fearing, respectful and responsible way of life, Oluwole Godspower was given the appellation “Bishop” by Prophet Ayo Akinrinade (Baba Alala) who is the General Overseer of the ministry. This has become the appellation he is fondly called.

Oluwole is very passionate about motivating and catering for the welfare of the people within and without his environment. Then majorly resulting from the vision and assignment that was given through an encounter he had with God, GODSPOWER WORD WORLDWIDE OUTREACH, an NGO set out to impact, inspire and empower was birthed with a group of like-minded positive thinkers. Their major aim is to Impact, inspire and empower.

In line with the objectives of this Non governmental organization, there is a gospel combination of message and songs in which Ojo Oluwole is the speaker. An Audio CDs have also been produced for all who are willing to have them.
More so, on the day of dedication of this philanthropy NGO, another motivational audio message was also released with the title ”WHAT DO I (WE) DO?”. this marks the second powerful audio motivating message by Ambassador Oluwole.

For further enquiries, please reach Amb. Oluwole via 08064850230 or Shalom!